เนื้อเพลง marion raven – heads will roll


“heads will roll”

there’s a taste in my mouth that i never had before
to be a cheater, defeater, are things i won’t ignore
like a rat in a trap your head got in the way
nothing left of you, but a memory of a bad lay

[chorus :]
heads gonna roll (heads gonna roll)
i’m back in control (back in control)
it’s a jungle out there it’s gonna eat you up
and strip you bare
i’ll swallow you whole (swallow you whole)
then spit out your soul (spit out your soul)
i wanna make this clear, my dear that heads will roll

there’s a look in your eyes, am i the one you dread?
you make me wonder what’s going on inside your head
(inside your head)
you lie and you slither like a cold-blooded snake
i’ll make you pay for your big mistake


when i think of you, i think of this
and then it turns to bitterness
i’m praying for amnesia, i beg for anesthesia

forget the lies, and numb the pain
if this don’t stop i’ll go insane
the more i hurt, the more i’ll curse your name

[chorus 2x]


- เนื้อเพลง marion raven