เนื้อเพลง makaveli the yung – thug life


[verse 1]
i was never scared when the cops got me
i’m just a young black victim and i’ll be d-mned if they even shot me
n-gga ima savage who has no chills
dear mama, ima be a man who’ll pay your bills
we serving life in this penitentiary
comin’ up to the streets screamin’ thug life that’s our activity
ain’t no mercy when n-ggas strapped with their glocks
bringing death around the corner, drive-bys on every block
in my opinion, we live in a world full of ghetto
eyes and hands on the prize, we is not finna let go
violence on streets, there will never be peace
tellin’ and warning n-ggas to don’t go to sleep
stickin’ n-ggas in the dark, n-gga, when we rob
have a cliq like nwa, we are the mob
all my peers get smoked when the cops be drillin’
no wonder why these white folks be trippin’, we ain’t haven’t it
dunk like kobe, ballin’
gettin’ digits, booty callin’
hands on the gat
n-ggas are ready to bust back
i wasn’t made to be silent
these hypocrites claimin’ that i’m violent, let me remind you it’s just thug life

we live in a world full of ghetto, thug life
we live in a world full of ghetto, thug life

[verse 2]
hear that cl1ck-clack, n-ggas pullin’ triggas
smokin’ n-ggas, watch ’em all fry, releast k!llas
we die everyday cause we been set up
out on bail, fresh outta jail, on a mission fed up
see a black whip comin’ around
all of sudden we see n-ggas runnin’ around
suffer the consequences cause we got tricked
mess around and smoke the n-gga who had snitched
if you’re in a hood there’s exactly no peace
if you see n-ggas mobbin’ you’re in the streets
clippin’ n-ggas with that leathel weapon
vengeance for revenge, n-ggas never expect to happen
me and my homies in the club lookin’ for ho’s
finna gang bang all of ’em, they’ll call us smash bros
i be strugglin’ to survive cause n-gga i’m broke
they tryna send me to h-ll, depths of deathrow
even tho we k!ll each other
we still have heart to love and heal each other
n-ggas holla at me if my homies call
livin’ life as an outlaw, thug life


say what you feel, i’m not bein’ i’m just being real
even tho i’m dyin’ inside, in the outside i’m still fearless
keep on thuggin’ my n-ggas
you won’t even have to choose thug life
it’ll choose you
you’ll see

- เนื้อเพลง makaveli the yung