เนื้อเพลง m.wade – all that she needs


[verse 1]
too busy f-cking, too f-cking busy
told me she’d work hard so that she wouldn’t seem so easy
i got a girl so bad you wouldn’t believe me
green to feed herself, never see her greedy
i’mma cancer, she used to be a dancer
funny how we met, see i think i lowered my standards
i’m telling the truth, spit my life in the booth
no styles p, but i used to have chicks getting loose
yea, you a trendsetter
none of yal could do better
i was taught that if she look good, you f-cking go-get her
nothing more, nothing new, if she cold buy her a sweater
i know it sound like much but you ain’t doing sh-t
and you had her n-gga, what the h-ll did you do with it
times change, people change n-gga get used to it
uh, and you listen to exclusive sh-t
and i know you heard of talent, n-gga she was born with it
my girl’s hips are way bigger than ya girl’s needs
and she light it up, no blowing trees
x-marks the spot, girl show where that treasure be
i’mma find you tonight, no day dream

yea, i’m all that you need girl
i’m everything you want your man to be
it’s hard, it’s hard
it’s kinda hard to explain it
so let me just explain it like this then
the best way i can

[verse 2]
i need you though
been done f-cking with these hoes
if it ain’t you, ain’t no telling where my heart will go
watch me run a circle around the game, like a merry-go
ask em where did merry go
red head, coldest flow
ain’t that hard to spot, but then again she be lifting though
tryna pop that cherry though
way too many scenarios
different -ss girls every night, i was tired of those
yea, and i’ve longed for you
truth be told i couldn’t help it
i even wrote a song for you
they always ask me what i do with that
video game status i reset it then i play it back

no one can help me say it
they can’t help it
i love you so much
you know who you are
i had enough girl, i’m all set
i had enough
we all set

- เนื้อเพลง m wade