เนื้อเพลง lyfe jennings – it coulda been worse


“it coulda been worse”

yea, yo you always complaining about how bad stuff is.
complaining about the light bill, hey its people that dont got lights, you know?
so i wanna tell everybody listening man embrace your struggle cause no matter what man true story it could’ve been worse

[verse 1:]
i was going through some changes in my life.
cussing and complaining every night.
telling god the way he treating me aint right, and how i dont deserve it.
a voice from some where came to me and said you got the audacity to fix your mouth to disrespect, how soon we forget.

and he said remember when you were sick and you got better, remember i put your family back together, remember i could have cut you off forever.
so no matter how bad you think it hurts.

it could’ve been worse, you could’ve been dead.
you could’ve been paralyzed, confined to a bed.
you could’ve lost everything, you should’ve lost everything.
but somebodys watching you, and gave you another chance.

[verse 2:]
its so funny how we think we got it rough, when there are babies who got mothers hooked on drugs, and this depression got some folks loosing their home.
they spent their whole lives saving for.
it’s better in comparison,
tell me you’ll switch places with them,
you only got to god to complain
but have you ever went to him to just say thanks?
so no matter how bad you think it hurts

and remember he didnt let that disease take you,
remember he didnt even get a thank you,
he love you just to hate you
so no matter how bad you think it hurts

[chorus x3]

- เนื้อเพลง lyfe jennings