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เนื้อเพลง lupe fiasco – the one


“the one”

the game was looking weak, the whole scene starved
so i came through with some muscle milk and protein bars
barbells and jump ropes, bowflexes to body it
and a couple billy blanks tae-bo karate kicks
if you ain’t million dollar dreaming then we opposites
in high school i was voted the most ted dibiase-est
also the most slept on, cause my ted dibiase-ness
an (inglorious b-st-rd) and you looking like a n-z- b-tch
they say it’s hard out here for old boy, then tell me where taraji is
i am going so raw watch me soy sauce, wasabi this
n-bu/n-ble on them pro-tools, hot as h-e- double hockey sticks
make sure you give the chef your compliments
and thank him for his constantly great tasting accomplishments
a smiley face, emoticons if you want to remain anonymous
my retirement’s on hold, i got the whole world on conference
matchstick man, i really have the confidence
that i’m a give them g.o.o.d music like common sense and consequence
content that’s relative across the continent
new york, houston, chi-town, los angeles

- เนื้อเพลง lupe fiasco