เนื้อเพลง lori mckenna – numbered doors


[verse 1]
she wore a borrowed dress n0body wanted back
she looked pretty as a picture in a magazine ad
her daddy walked her down the isle and then that was that
no going back now

[verse 2]
they said they’d keep on driving till they smelled the ocean
his arm so proud around her, the windows open
all she wanted was to keep on going
just keep on going

[chorus 1]
numbered doors, cheap champagne
run out of time before they k!ll the pain
maybe you’ll find what you’re searching for
somewhere tonight behind numbered doors

[verse 3]
she took the only waitress job that she could find
well, a town like this don’t have a five-and-dime
the summer’s too hot the winter’s too cold
you can buy your jesus or sell your soul

[chorus 2]
numbered doors, misspelled names
it won’t hurt no more so let it hit the vein
you can’t give away what ain’t really yours
but how she tries behind numbered doors

[verse 4]
they didn’t find her there until the next afternoon
housekeeping came in to clean the room
seemed like it happened in a strangely peaceful way
sometimes there ain’t no reason why something breaks

she wore a borrowed dress n0body wanted back
her daddy walked her down the aisle and that was that

- เนื้อเพลง lori mckenna