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เนื้อเพลง lola monroe – you’re a jerk


“you’re a jerk”

you can be a jerk i could be a jerk too
you can be a jerk i could be a jerk too
you can be a jerk i could be a jerk too
att-tude mean got ’em cryin’ boo who

no cut cards when you need you get a clue
it’s nothing to a boss b-tch this is what i do
step up in the club and my b-tches with me
they see me but i don’t see he

diamonds lookin’ foggy and there’s rent on my feet
so i read him three snaps now what is the take
don’t they know i’m way to fly-i-i
money on my mind get me so high-i

my dope is my boo you the n-gg- on the side
money make me c-m you just kinda get me by
i didn’t come to the club to be booked by you
lookin’ at your louis v’s like you think you fly too

louis don’t even make ma make them i do
where ever they do that at you need a f-ckin’ fly clue
cause i’m tryin’ to put you on to somethin’?
i’m tired of you lame -ss n-gg-s steppin’ out with the fake sh-t on

like louis don’t even make the big shirts with the lv’s all over ’em like and two x’s that’s italian b-tch
like come on, then you got the fake -ss gucci tennis shoes shiny as a mut ha f-cka
talkin’ bout they came out last year, b-tch i know what came out
last year you fradulent and phoney m-th- f-cka

how you wanna do this make it easier for you
a lame n-gg- sh-t i ain’t really into
a n-gg- like you i would never ever screw
got a dirty dirty d-ck hit these b-tches like a flu

i’m a tell you like a queen told me f-ck these n-gg-s like i strap on the d
i’m in in the club talkin’ over the beat
sendin’ over cups is that ‘posed to be sweet
got bottle over here finna send one to you

cause your b-tch lookin’ dry and you lookin’ real flu
step up in the club and the club went mute
way i got ’em gawkin’ they might as well salute
you know how i do, you know how i do, it’s nothin’ to a boss b-tch you know how i do
on my sh-t like a fly b-tch, you know how i do

- เนื้อเพลง lola monroe