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เนื้อเพลง lmfao – get on down


“get on down”

yeah, yeah
i know you feelin the sound
yeah eh eh eh

in l.a we be rollin that sh-t
crusin the sunset strip lookin for chicks
most girls you see be looking good, but the att-tude is so hollywood
i can like a n-gg-r, gotta impress ya’ll b-tch i seen you, you live on ? girl
you so fine, push your standards aside
you can jump in my ride and i’ll show you a good time
i know a club around the way that be poppin’ fo sho
so gather up your girlfriends cause we off in the road
there’s more booties than seats so just sit on my lap
and the rest of ya’ll ladies, ya’ll can fit in the back
rollin up with the car packed, a wee booty and booze
in the club my n-gg- red foo’s are the ones and twos
feelin like the man of the hour to the flow we cruise
it’s hard to dance baby
cause i’m watching you, so just

get on down, get on down girl
get on down, i know you feelin’ the sound [x3]

get on down [x5]

now who got the kush, and who got the swisha n-gg-
roll it up, come on roll it up quicker
i gotta puff puff p-ss, puff puff p-ss
a girl just walked p-ssed with a nice round -ss
so excuse me i gotta go f-ck up the rotation i know,
but when i see a booty like that my other heads in control
on the dance floor again, she droppin it low again
booty’s so big it look like two obese salsa twins
oh my god, is this a f-cked song
you lookin so good, got a n-gg-r in awe
baby baby please come back home with me
she drop it low, turned around then she agreed
“i know you ain’t thinking that i’m getting on my knees”
what! girl you know you better


- เนื้อเพลง lmfao