เนื้อเพลง liqhtning – mind fission


(wake up, wake up
aight i’m up)

action packed
with a pack of slaps from the back
the back lash had your head gone
de cap
de cafe i still ain’t get no sleep
and still need to proceed up on this beat
yo sneak a peek

welcome to the 5th dimension
this is my ascension
the way it glistens
all the girlies sleeping in my linen

that’s not my mission
so right now we’ll have to fission
you’ve officially been phished
and don’t confuse this i’m not fishin

my still life
have a lil bite of my insight
cause the way i rock the mic
might cause the fall of kryptonite
like all night
so who tryin fight
i’ll spit bullets you can’t “dodge” on sight

i wish i may i wish i might
nothing cause the light
was inside the whole time

them spirit mines
could really f-ck up your mind
so parry
look at the signs
in your prime
you’re designed

i’d give some statistics
but i am not wit it
cause numbers confuse
and i’m tryna prove
provide the tools

something you can use
so you can reach that bliss bliss bliss bliss
don’t miss
cause your next up on the list

for instance
can we hop that fence
in the midst of the fog
so we have a glimpse
then in an instant
it all make sense
from the hints
hence why it was sent

all we gotta do is vent
take a breathe is what i meant
take this cloth that i have lent
and where that sh-t like it’s a tent

the sky is not falling
less were all trapped in a ball like spalding
in that case then what’s the face
in that case then what’s… the… face

i’m a stupid human
but i am a smart being
being seeing’s believing
what i’ve seen you don’t believe in

what you believe in
treason is like heathen
n-ggas is still t–thing
just like that i switched the season

it’s getting colder
grab my shoulder
i walk you’ll over this water
like you’re my daughter

slaughter the man slaughter
murder all the martyr
with my words
your minds in the gutter
like house b-tter

utterly crazy
i had a vision baby
and now it’s born
with dreams of becoming p-rn

i’m just kidding
it has the dreams
of being dreams
a f-cking beam
beaming inside of beamers
in different colors

mother lovers
loving all mothers
in different colors

having deja vu
i probably stuttered
or not
you’re just stuck in my shutter
i probably should’ve
i probably should’ve
i should probably stop

- เนื้อเพลง liqhtning