เนื้อเพลง lil figgy – $wa9



this goes out to all my anime b-tches and f-cken power puff girls up in this b-tch, like we in this b-tch
f-ck on that b-tch by the elbow

(swag) (swag)

[verse: 1]

my anime b-tches they always stay swag
i’m gettin no money but run with a bag
i f-ck on your b-tch then i might cop a jag
lil figgy trappin you know i stay swag

i grind on his b-tch then i call her a mommy
i’m eating her -ss like if it was salami
that b-tch p-ssy wet like a f-cken tsunami
i can’t f-ck that how beacause i know she a natzi

yo b-tch want the sauce so i gave her some ranch
my d-ck was so hard so she called it a branch
i can’t get no diamonds but let that sh-t drip
your b-tch gimmie mouth then i just said the tip

[verse: 2]

i catch that lil anime b-tch in the kitchen
lil figgy trappin you know i stay whippin
i nut on her lips then i make that sh-t glisten
yo b-tch she a weirdo because she do not listen

i can’t f-ck that b-tch because i know she a thot
nustin and bustin i do that a lot
that b-tch is so high beacause she smokin some pott
i’m flexin these coupons beacause that’s all i got

(swag) (swag) (swag)

- เนื้อเพลง lil figgy