เนื้อเพลง le’mon driver – through my eyes


i know hurt you
and i broke yo spirit
hope we can reconcile
if you ever hear this

i knew i wasn’t ready
and i was too timid
and i couldn’t admit it
hope you forgive me

all those lonely nights
you knew i wasn’t right
come home late at night
and we argue and we fight

cause i stayed out at night
and you worried that i might
be involved with someone else
and i’ll say you wasn’t right

but you was girl
i couldn’t convince you
that yo feelins
was ever wrong girl

you gave me everything
and i still did you wrong girl
you said f~ck me
i’ma piece of sh~t
all this rappin’ that i do
ain’t gon’ get mе sh~t

you gon’ regret that
when i’m actually rich
and whеn i am
i won’t buy you sh~t

we goin’ back n forth
it got heated quick
i ain’t gon’ lie girl
that sh~t made me sick

i was the cause of yo pain
and i know i’m ashamed
to call you out yo name

i am the one to blame
cheated and
now she pregnant

i gotta pay for my mistakes
all men you say you hate
and that’s on me
i’ma do this
till the death of me
i only gave you half of me
where the rest of me?

that’s not how
you make love
what’s the recipe

it don’t make any better
when these women
out here testin’ me

but i dont want you back
you deserve better
i hope he treat you right
he should know better

- เนื้อเพลง lemon driver