เนื้อเพลง krizz kaliko – gumbo


(feat. oobergeek)

[intro: krizz kaliko]
uhh, wait a minute!
kali baby!
somethin’ strange in it!
now this jam ain’t for everybody
only the s-xy people
that means you baby
if you’ve ever loved anybody
loved anything, loved anyone
than you’ll feel me.

[chorus: krizz kaliko]
your baby got a hole in it
i fill it up
she get turned on by all my lil’ stuff
got my little country girl a gumbo
i take some rock and roll and i add a little soul
now watch me put a spoon in it
stir it up
now watch me put a spoon in it
stir it up
watch me put a spoon in it
stir it up
my baby like to eat until she get filled up

[verse 1: krizz kaliko]
see, see, see
now my mama introduced us at church
as a kid, a kid i loved her for whatever it’s worth
we was supposed to be closer than siamese twins at they birth
now we so down and together we ain’t got to rehe-rs-
check it out
getting you’s a long shot
really into you cause you’re so hot
tryna pretend you’re not
sho gotta way with words
but i gon’ lock it down
n-gg- stay wit’ her
she already familiar wit’ my familia
the way she make us gon’ and giddy up
feel like she killin’ us
she ain’t lettin’ you in them guts
unless you plan to crush ’em
she only let me touch ’em
kill sh-t heard me bustin’
and i bat her up like i’m on the [?]
but only give it to me when she in the mood
never ever see her in the nude
but i’m peekin’ anyway

[chorus: krizz kaliko]

[verse 2: oobergeek]
i ain’t ignorin’ you
hope that i ain’t borin’ you numb
when i’m on stage a whole ‘nother page
in the cookbook when i’m on this music
but you got the recipe
for lovin’ s-xiness
and i gets the herbs and spices
veggie slices come natural
than when i’m on the mic
i’m playin’ you know i downplay everything i do
when i’m rhymin’ a stew d-o top ramen
my noodle needs a meal?
and when i cook up
the women look up
now i’m in the soup wit’ you
look at all the time took up
when the rhyme hooked up
when the kaliko and oob infuse
i’m ready to munch
break em off fast i’m ready for lunch
not even a minute past
i digest fast
baby what you got simmering up?
she followed the smell of stale failures
before me, master chef
sprinkle a little bit
no more fast and put some weight on those little hips

[chorus: krizz kaliko]

[verse 3: krizz kaliko]
we go together like n-gg-s and leather
peanut b-tter and jelly
the dream team is you and the genius
is what they tell me
see we the power couple
we devour the couple
your lips is soft and supple
but trouble if you try to m-ffle
a couple of ’em got it
and found out you was ’bout it
me and you is automatic
i feel like i’m an addict
somethin’ wrong in my attic
is filled with snake and bats
need a room thats padded
cause i ain’t sure just how to act
the kalikoholics been conditioned for the listenin’
they love to watch us switch it
what she do when she wit’ krizz n’ ’em
feel like i’m pimpin’ her
this music girl my bottom b
the way i’m workin’ like she pimpin’ me

[chorus: krizz kaliko]

- เนื้อเพลง krizz kaliko