เนื้อเพลง kris james! – i just wanna ’17


in stereo!
like terio!
in the berrio!
i mean barrio!

[1st verse]
i just wanna coast through life, i just want bread
i just want my girl to give daily head
i just want a lot of things that really are better not said
cause you know about them nosy -ss feds
just want my stories to pop, as soon as they drop
wanna get money, power & respect like the lox
i want a lot cause i know my wealth
but i also know not to get ahead of myself
want fake friends that robbed me to rot up in jail
better yet, want them to rot up in h-ll
i want it all on lock like bernie madoff
want asteroids when the saints don’t make the playoffs
i want a deal from m-ss appeal or maybe stones throw
lambo in teal & make it squeal, never go slow
wanna live the life i want ‘til i fall
i want my people to shine, i want my people to ball
i want it all!

[2nd verse]
want a house for mama without any drama
want freedom, want money, want dreams, no problems
wanna eat filet mignon ‘til i’m dead
i just want them high count threads up in my bed
want y’all to stop trying to get street cred
y’all will never be authentic, ya straight -ss, fermented
i want the top cause i meant it
want you to stop dming me so much for help, don’t send sh-t
want you to stop being needy
i wanna stop being greedy, but who else is gonna feed me?
i wanna fix this situation
don’t wanna get finessed like wyclef did to the haitians
a lot of things that i want, i gotta work for ‘em
cause otherwise this talk is just verbal jerk motions
i want out, lay back on my couch
i just wanna make music for these people to bounce, come on!

- เนื้อเพลง kris james