เนื้อเพลง killer mike – that’s life


the fat b-tch singing “show over” end opera
leader of the crack rat pack, i sinatra
they say i dissed oprah, i’m like “so what? ”
i never get to jump up and down on a sofa (that’s life)
now watch me as i cruise like tom through the slums
where the education’s poor and the children growing dumb
in the section of the city where saditty’s don’t come
where mr. cosby and mrs. winfrey won’t come
unless it’s a hurricane, then fema don’t come
comin live from the city where the dreamer came from
standing on the same corners that he stood upon
i got violence in my waistband, death in my palm
ask em am i a bad guy? “ya godd-mn right! ”
i done seen how ya do a n-gg- when he doing right

the dream died on a balcony, standing at a hotel
now n-gg-s whipping c-ke gel and a o tale
we desegregated – put black with the white
no longer marching for rights – they sparkin’ a pipe (that’s life)
pipe dreams, crack fiends, cars look like ice cream
kids see the bling bling, and they want them nice things
all cause of tennis shoes, our kids drop out of schools
they said be like mike, so ball n-gg- (that’s life)

now, help me understand something… if you really a leader and you
really mean something to your people, ain’t you supposed to
be in the community with your people? ain’t you supposed to
be there? like the only people i see in the communities are
rappers and ball players, where the f-ck all y’all doctors?
where y’all bourgeoisie n-gg-s at? all the kids got is us!
grind time rap game…

read an old magazine, check out a new dress
i’d be having conversations with cornel west
killer mike don’t give a d-mn if it’s me ya ain’t liking
the last great debate i had was with michael eric dyson
call me a dumb rapper? girl stop, pardon me…
you be hard pressed to find another rapper smart as me
maybe jay-z, 2pac, cube
but oprah’d rather put supahead on tv
now whatcha white audience gon’ think about we?
the same white audience that watch bill o’ reilly
i saw the smirk on they face when you came at luda
the same nice ladies that forgave martha stewart
so i can be a crook, take money off the books
just as long as i’m liked by a rich man’s wife?

ok, hold up. i can’t rap about doing crime… but if i
actually do crime, and do time, i can come back out
and have a tv show, with an all white audience, if i rob
shareholders of millions? (that’s life)
but if i rap about gettin some money on the block, it’s
a problem? are you f-cking r-t-rded?
i’m not even gonna tell you how stupid you are right now
cause you should already know… grind time rap game (that’s life)

niecey had a man, not a mouse or a mole
when the pressure come knockin, i ain’t runnin in a hole
george bush don’t like blacks? no sh-t, sherlock!
and his daddy cia, and flooded the hood with rock
and his momma said the women oughta feel at home
gettin raped in the bathroom in the superdome
the comment kanye made was d-mn near right
but bush hate poor people, be ’em black or white (that’s life)
h-ll yeah, i said it! cause oprah won’t say it
if bill won’t say it, and they still won’t say it
if you really bout intelligence, you really know i’m right
if you lookin for some leadership, look for killer mike (that’s life)
lookin for a movement, it’s grind time rap game
kids see us in the street and go bang bang bang
they see me on the street and on the corners they hang
mysp-ce grind time online, join the gang

- เนื้อเพลง killer mike