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เนื้อเพลง kid ink – cali dreamin’


“cali dreamin'”

california dreamin [3x]
i’m gonna stay..stay..stay
california dreamin [3x]
i’m gonna stay..stay..stay

since you might see bunch of beaches
bunch of pretty b-tches
life dnt get it twisted
wrong turn could be missin
stay ridin with the bros
like a car full of siblings
kush runnin through my system straight frm..
california california
swear you ain’t never gonna leave if you get a whif of dis
and my life is like a movie n-gg- you can get a clip
you ain’t shotn better chip
dhat mean u shud prbly dip
any city i dnt trip out n..
california california
b-tch i’m good wheaeva i go
name any hood n-gg- bet i know
headed to da store for swishers sweet
n a tall can of ari zona
the sun hotter thn da sonar
where u frm betta own up..ugh
thrw it up..
california california


so.. dnt wake me up
frm my dream dnt wake me up
but i got a quarter pound mayb u can wake me up
all my b-tches weigh a buck 25 buck 40
born bad lik da army strght frm..
california california
all da way turnt up
white tee pair of chucks
let me redesign been dhat way snce high skool
n-gg- n yo girl been on my d-ck snce high skool
i’m sorry if you move bck to..
california california
’cause i’ve been here
hollywood all the way to the vantage
dhats whea n-gg- use to get my dro
n-gg- i’m on sunset sellin out shows
if it aint table n a bottle i aint goin
so much smoke man a n-gg- can’t breath
has sme fun baby girl dnt leave sty in..
california california


- เนื้อเพลง kid ink