เนื้อเพลง kenny knox – when i was young


when i was young,
the days would last forever
the sun shone so much brighter
and things seemed so much better

when i was young
life was less complicated
less grey & hard & jaded
a lot more love and a lot less hated
when i was young

i didn’t need to talk about it,
i kept it to myself, the good & bad
now it seems the world should know
every little detail of everybody’s show
i find it sad
wish i was young

when i was young
i reached for goals and dreamed them
i learned to feel and be then
i could talk and play and make friends
when i was young

i didn’t need a timeline
or tweet my thoughts out loud
i didn’t need to video myself
i didn’t need a screen
to view my memories
i had friends that i didn’t need to count

wish i was young…

- เนื้อเพลง kenny knox