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เนื้อเพลง kelsey and the chaos – you’re not the first


clouds moving in i can smell the l rain
i really didn’t want to call it a day
i’m a big girl who’s throwing it all away

the pressure’s building right behind my eyes
the season’s turning running out of time
there’s nothing left for us to talk about tonight

i’m getting out of here
no one can stop me now
and there’s no way in h-ll
you’re gonna bring me down

did you think you can hurt me with you words
your not the first (one)
did you think you get me where it hurts?
you’re not the first (one)

the rain is pouring drowning in my tears
the sky is spinning as i’m standing here
i hear you calling but your words just disappear

the thunders pounding ringing in my mind
the sky is spinning but i’m floating high
say you want cuz i’m not listening this time.

you only want to control me (i’m out of control)
and all the lies have consumed me (for way too long)
you’re so convinced that you know me (but you don’t know)
all the pain that i’ve been through (but not any more)
no, not anymore

- เนื้อเพลง kelsey and the chaos