เนื้อเพลง kelly clarkson – whyyawannabringmedown


this situation if it gets any deeper could be critical
i’m not your love monkey so be takin’ back all of the lies you sold
what did you want me to be yeah
it’s just too much now so tell me so tell me so tell me
1 2 3 4

so what’s your evil att-tude
when you got me spendin’ my time pleasing you
why must you keep me underground
tell me tell me whyyawannabringmedown
is it too much to give a d-mn
when i’m givn’ you one hundered and ten
don’t blink ’cause i won’t be around
tell me tell me whyyawannabringmedown

now your transmission is on the negative you’re on a losin’ streak
this information is getting ordinary and you’re losin’ me
what’s with your hostility
oh when the lights on me
when you’re down to the last chance
so tell me so tell me so tell me
uno dos tres quatro


was it all just a waste of time
well i don’t wanna spend my whole life thinkin’ ’bout it
baby this is where i draw the line
think i’m done


- เนื้อเพลง kelly clarkson