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เนื้อเพลง keke palmer – true jackson, vp theme song


“true jackson, vp theme song”

1, 2, 3

change it up (custom made)
take it off the rack (custom made)
then rearrange (custom made)
i gotta flip this out til it feels right
make it fit for me (custon made)
my personality (custom made)
that’s why i got the job as a vp

i’m different in my own way
got my new found fame
gonna change the old game
put it in a new frame

true jackson is the name
flippin’ it up when everybody does the same
dulce and versace got nothing on me

mad fashion is where everyone’s gon be
i do what i love and i love what i do
hopes it shines through when i’m talking to u

from my head to my toes
it’s all real and you know
fresh and cool
it’s just what i do
(change it up)
working at a grown up job
i never really thought i could work this hard
used to sit at home and watch tv
now i’m in the office as a new vp
i’m always setting trends
with my new best friends
when things get out of hands
we always have a plan
we just messin’ around and we makin’ new grounds
for the whole wide world to see
if you see us in town
you know what’s going down
cause i’m the new vp

custom made [x3]

when i hit the floor
even on the low
people check my style
it’s new and original
it always been like this
every since i was a kid
pockets fit my vest
shoes match my necklace



- เนื้อเพลง keke palmer