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เนื้อเพลง kano – mr. miyagi


mr. miyagi

mr miyagi
off the snare and the kicks no karate.
them n-gg-s daniel son
but i take the wax off if p-ssy’s want beef
cs gas n-gg-
i done ya dance
they couldn’t f-ck with me from get set
them n-gg-s still on their marks
you think ya batman
then why them p-ss-es robin ya?
i’ll take ya face off
now that’s an old school nokia
who’s got a nokia take that what
make a brudda charger a case like what
big up all my dargs in the place like what
i walk the walk
badman sulley i don’t come to talk
i’m blazing them all
raised on pac like i was raised with the wolves
check out mans thought i was
deniro a n-gg- don’t rage with the bull
i ain’t no pr-ck don’t rage with me fool
east end kid don’t play by the rules
new york knicks don’t play for the bulls
monster the beat so i’m late for the ball
i had to make sure my trainers co-ordinate
i got awesome taste!
i got bright ones
i got high ones
i got sh-ll ones
i got ones that ain’t coming out till 2012 ones
cause i’m!
mr miyagi!
mr miyagi!
mr miyagi!
mr miyagi!
mr miyagi!
bruce lee the r-ss beat
enter the dragon find ya bloodcleet
i’ll f-ck that p-ssy two times
kill that p-ssy softly
beat up her poom-poom
and knock her out in minutes
but i make it stretch
yea i dhalsim it
call me van damme
them f-ssy’s tompo
i’m going at your neck
call me jean paul
but i still f-ck with ken
so i finish him
mr miyagi!
mr miyagi!
mr miyagi!
mr miyagi!

- เนื้อเพลง kano