เนื้อเพลง jj kikola – throw the dice again


i throw the dice again
will i get a six again?
that’d be the third in a row
looks like the beast has got me fixed again
in his sights
if i roll a five, could i contrive to reach these heights again?
so i roll four
stroll through these doors lightly
is paradise a sacrifice or my reprise for livin’ life quietly?
no chance so i take my chance
and roll a three
like lucky me, these trees ain’t out to fight me
so i hit the trees like ghosts of hangmens victims
to keep you from sleep at night, see
cold chills
this world is cold and icy
my advice be rap up well
throw the dice
don’t ask nicely
cause’ finding paradise is a gamble…
that means at best it’s dicey

what on earth i wouldn’t give for just one nights sleep
sleep, i throw the dice, they weak, weep
these demons got me diggin’ deep, deep
i throw the dice, they weep
i’m so awake but they don’t know my paradise is sleep…



sleep, sleep. sleep.
slippin’ deeper
bleep the reaper
at my window
like a peeper
my dreamcatcher traps my ether
confess to no cleric…
on this terracotta jotter
throw the dice on what i gotta say
and play this game like the lotto…
my motto for may
is march on my way
i need to roll one to stay away from where i can’t go today
some say i’m owed one
but karma’s like my marmalade…
but breakfast seems so far away
just like this song being made

i’d call for maid service
but this hotel rooms a prison cause’ this system is so perverse
i’ll finally sleep right through the third verse
but y’all been listening for a while, so let me reimburse you…
let me scripture, chapter, verse you
from books with no names
from hooks with no shame
my blood on bars
til’ no pain, no more
too dope like dope game
my dome ain’t home to no pope
but i can’t sleep…
this sh.. is no joke!

so in early a.m
im still churchin’ with my old folks
the early bird catches first worm
so i’m on my knees in the dirt
my mind wriths and squirms…
mindful of my hurt
and the world’s…
my heart breaks at how the world works
another world lurks
i’m anthony o’dalaigh
they hardiman burkes
i’m guard of bard, fam, clan and my yard
one eye open as i sleep
i throw the dice
it works…


i’ve got…
i’ve got one eye open as i sleep
night creep
anybody who don’t know me
i’m on the beat…
keys to the jeep?
told ’em ; no!
tony hit the flow
but they still wouldn’t go
and i can’t sleep no more
i’m ‘nightmarez’
climbin’ up the front door… “hey!”

nightmares climbin’ up my front door, look!
nightmares yo

since my first throw
the dice still roll
climbin’ through the window
when y’all ain’t got a door
at my window
hid because of the sin, yo
but like a ninja, i’ll physically unhinge ya

i could bust a ninja – any move i make …

look i’m off for a walk
i’m off for a…

look i’m off for a walk
like we did in the first rhyme
i know we not some kind of kids
it’s not our first time
if i could find some paradise…

some paradise but that’s my sacrifice
i’ve been blessed twice
but still my search for paradise keeps me from sleep at night
so many sleepless nights
so i throw the dice and wake to all
when i close my eeeyyyesss… in paradise.

- เนื้อเพลง jj kikola