เนื้อเพลง jeff hanson – if only i knew


it wasn’t right how you’d gone away for the evening
my only light, how it’s on even still
i understand every word you wrote down for me
i tore it up right from your hands

i took a room an empty sp-ce for the summer
a garden view wide open up on the hill
i wouldn’t say it’s been the same for me now all along
you wanted what you got years before
oh, once more

so let this be said how we run from
there is one side i know well
but i’ve gone so far now
i won’t let you out
so, what will i do?
if only i knew

i haven’t heard a single plane since i’ve been here
i miss the sound coming out from the air
on its side lays a chair by the window and i
will always stay but never agree
oh, they’ll be

- เนื้อเพลง jeff hanson