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เนื้อเพลง jay – z – already home


“already home”
(feat. kid cudi)

jay-z, hova,
either love me or leave me alone [x3]

[kid cudi – chorus]
oh they want me to fall (fall),
fall from the top (top),
they want me to drop (drop)
they want me to stop (stop)
they want me to go (go),
i’m already gone (already)
the sh-t that i’m on
i’m already home
(hey, i’m already home yeah)

these n-gg-‘s want me to go, don’t they know that i’m gone
they know i’m sp-ce shuttle level they need oxygen
don’t they know that they boring?
don’t they know that i yawn,
only time they excited is when they mentioning shawn
you see single white female but she dyed her hair blonde
sometimes i look at these rappers, the movie remind me of them
somebody turn these boys off
don’t they know that i’m on
can’t they see that it’s foolish to try and kill me with songs
what the f-ck are they laurynnn, you killing me softly
you talk me to death, only thing you can do to him
i open the door for them, what else can i do?
these n-gg-‘s want me to walk for them, somebody talk to them
before i go off on them


i taught ’em about fish scale they want me to fish for them
they want me to catch clean, then cook up a dish for them
all of this just for them, or they got a diss for him
they want me to disappear, like it’s gonna shift for them
they say that i’m in the way, they want me to sit with them
but what they admitting is, they ain’t got sh-t for him
but really the fact is, we not in the same bracket
not in the same league, don’t shoot at the same baskets
don’t pay the same taxes, hang with the same b-tches
so how am i in the way, what is it i’m missing?
n-gg- i been missing, n-gg- i been gone
the sh-t that you just witnessed is the sh-t that i been on
and as for the critics, tell me i don’t get it
everybody can tell you how to do it, they never did it
now these n-gg-‘s is mad, oh they call me a camel
but i mastered the drought, what the f-ck i’m an animal
half-man half-mammal
my sign is a sag, this is just what i plan to do
oh don’t be mad


i’m in the hall already, on the wall already
i’m a work of art, i’m a warhol already
on another level, on another plane already
h-o-v i got my own lane already (already)
i done cooked up the rock already
so why the f-ck can’t you all get hot already (already)
put your name in the pot already, n-gg-s compare me to biggie and pac already
like i’m gone already and i am n-gg- i’m already home already
if you all can’t already see i ain’t worried about you all cos i’m already me
do you already, enough of the complaining boohoos already
eat food already, ain’t nothing given you gotta claim your shoes already,

yeah, so in summation i don’t know who you racing i’m already at the finish line with the flag waving – c’mon!

- เนื้อเพลง jay