เนื้อเพลง jay brannan – la la la


la la la

four score and a few more days ago
i asked if you could open me slow
i guess, in a way, you did your part
but, b-tch, i meant my heart

i’d be happy to write a love song
if someone could stick around long enough
for me to compose the first verse
but each time just gets worse

so i sing la la la…

you’re the five hundred twenty five thousand
six-hundredth person to tell me that
no one could ever love me, i’m crazy
and that may well be

i unwashed my hands in the sludge from your mouth
when you told me to eat your heart out
though i blessed the food, it was just my luck
to your heart my tongue got stuck

so i sing la la la…

we set sail a ship already sunk
you only like me when you are drunk
i’ve got so much more left to say
but you’ll get heart some day

and i’ll sing la la la…

we were the lucky ones
for a minute or so
we had a lot of fun
i cant let that go

la la la…

- เนื้อเพลง jay brannan