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เนื้อเพลง jason michael carroll – tears


i paid first and last month’s rent, i wondered why i even carried in that old bed of mine
cause its not like i ever sleep
all i do is think of her, and wonder how im gonna make things work
cause i know as a dad i’ve got a lot of responsibilities
and even though god gave this gift to the both of us
some how every other weekend is how it ended up

so when the telephone rings, i drop everything
cause when all you got is that 8 o’clock, nite nite daddy miss you a lot
i stop in my tracks, and i try to act strong when she calls
and i thank god she cant hear tears…when they fall

now its her dr. seuss and me shes learning how to read
and i cant see the pictures, but i can hear those pages turn
and her momma says it bath time, so she blows a kiss through the line
i don’t know whats worse saying goodbye, or talking to her
cause im the one who should be there tucking her in the bed
but since her voice is all i have im thankful for what i get

[repeat chorus]

if she knew i was crying she might think its her fault, oh but that’s just me missing her
every time we talk, every time we talk

[repeat chorus]

“bye daddy” “bye baby, i’ll talk to you soon alright?” “alright” “i love you” “i love you too.”

- เนื้อเพลง jason michael carroll