เนื้อเพลง james fortune – forward


(feat. eric dawkins)

i’m moving forward, i can’t go back [x2]
i’m moving forward, i can’t go
i’m moving forward, moving forward

[verse 1:]
feeling hopeless seems like nothing’s going my way
giving up is never an option even on my worst day
i know that i was put here to make it to the finish
so i press on when others quit

[pre chorus:]
forward, i am moving forward


[verse 2:]
when it seems the past is trying to stop
i’m forgetting those things that are behind me
i have got my eyes set on the prize
i can’t lose sight, i’m moving on

[pre chorus]


all the sweat and the tears i cried
had me seeing that i was born to win
got a new destination in mind and that’s forward
i won’t stop until i get there


- เนื้อเพลง james fortune