เนื้อเพลง jahail – metanoiia


[verse 1]:

bad habits get the best of me
rap is like a meal and im just working up a recipe
rest in peace, to all the haters standing next to me
never used to wanna listen now i bet you press repeat
tossing and turning, in a bed that i can’t sleep in
everyday’s another struggle, gotta face my demons
everyday’s another struggle, open eyes could see it
open up ya mind, don’t be blind to the secrets and often
i feel like i’m trapped in a coffin
talking with my conscience
claustrophobic, i become surrounded by the nonsense
taking safety precautions, when it comes to targeting audiences
i’m an artist that is
painting pictures, & im crazy in the mind
watch on, but i always lose the sense of the time
timeless actions, busy making moves
its old news, the new things that you think i do

chorus: metanoiia (x10)

[verse 2]:

staring at a watch with no numbers to show you how important the time is
they say time is money, but my time is priceless…everything has its process
creating crafts in-order, to earn a profit
chillin’ with my pack, plotting on a way to make an attack
targetin’ ya eardrums, hoping that you hear son
never let the negative consume me
i know you feel the heat, cause my verses humid
i know you feel the beat cause clairmont produced it
using words to paint pictures through the music
drugged out ‘motions, not upon cloud 9, but i’m getting loopy
i used to wanna skateboard like that n-gga lupe
now i just kick & push til these dudes press play
in this life its hard to maintain, looks are deceiving
believe me, even the word believe is often hard to believe in

- เนื้อเพลง jahail