เนื้อเพลง jack ingram – i would


all of those little things
i don’t want to share
i know what i want
but it just isn’t there

and i lie
yah i lie

we’re too tight to tango
but not one in the same
apprehension is the answer
in this unwilling game

why try
when you can lie

i don’t think i can
hate myself any worse
still i grow more comfortable
with every verse

and i lie
yah i lie

i don’t like to chain to smoke
i don’t like to think
i never liked acid
and my clothes do not stink
and like an aomeba
in my single cell
as i spread myself thinner
do i choose my h-ll

when i die
you know i’ll lie
still my bed could not grow
to suite all of my needs
now i make my bed
i must follow the deed

so i lie
in it
i lie in it
yah i lie
by ommission
i lie
with your permission
yah i lie
yah i lie
yah i lie
that’s the truth

- เนื้อเพลง jack ingram