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เนื้อเพลง jaci velasquez – shelter



how the mind can wander
how the heart can stray
suddenly you’re on the edge of darkness
how it makes me ponder
how i’m led away
down a path that leaves me worn and tarnished

battling with the will within
i have known all along
that i should lean on you
cause i’m never strong enough to fight it on my own

shelter me
the ways of the world are at my feet
shelter me
from the desires that decieve
you are the fortress i need
shelter me

how the mind can alter
how the heart can change
when you set your sights on holiness
and though at times you falter
it’s the only way
you can find a place of peace to rest

safe from danger surrounding me
safe from looming defeat
when temptation is at my door
lord, i need a harbor be my soul’s retreat

[repeat chorus]

you will never leave me stranded fending for myself
when the enemy advances you are there to help
enough to fight it on my own

[repeat chorus]

- เนื้อเพลง jaci velasquez