เนื้อเพลง hypnos – supernatural race disharmony


overnational overbrain has paid ticket to ride
take the seats, to sit’s better than to crawl
stiff loyalty’s gonna be only price
free sacrifice to mighty throne
where “white house messiah” motions on….

see through the flies
see through the flies!
pathetic slush all over your life
don?t forget to bend down ? common!
don’t forget to bend down your head with no eyes
stronger survives in mankind of flies

disharmony breeds deep inside of very smartest ones
privilege of race that loves to stand high above of us

come on… supernatural

raised flag of univers-e/al saviour
covered by shinning stars
the reason to be proud always found
insolend marching through an by
neighbourhoods garden parks
by peaceful shoes everything’s pulling down

see through the flies…

- เนื้อเพลง hypnos