เนื้อเพลง hurt – 1331


a sugar pop dropped down the delivery slot
’cause he loaded it up
when i was there to buy some strings
certain times like these
mean everything to me

tommy looked up at his novelty clock
he stopped and locked up the shop to play a piece
he turned and talked to me
’till i would have to leave

he said “young boy you gotta let it fly
there’s a song in your lung and a dream in your eye
don’t you beg for prayer when there’s so much more
you can dream the whole d-mn store
there be many a night when you can’t find food
from the long road home to the hotel room
but don’t forget that i always believed in you”

good on you boy
good on me
good on you

a cigarette shock to the marigold pot
as they wished me good luck
i shut the door and crossed the street
every couple weeks
i would check in just to see
to dish up in the shock
with the telephone up
put my cigarette, cough
and said “oh man it’s good to hear from you”
and not believe
that tommy had to leave

hey there boy go ahead and fly
say h-llo to your mom in the midnight sky
i won’t forget that you always believed in me
’cause many a night when i can’t find food
take a look at me now man i’m playing my tunes
i won’t forget you
’cause you were good to me

good on you, boy
h-ll, good on me
but good on you

- เนื้อเพลง hurt