เนื้อเพลง hugh lee – chinaman (freestyle)


i just keep winning
im mixing stella with henny
i make a dime from a penny
make em go silly
i hit up polo and stone
park the porsche next to the bentley
that ain’t no biggie
mogul but still in our twenties
keep getting richer like mille
rolling that sticky
slanted my eyes like mike
smooth criminal got me on benty
got my b~tches fenty now she gimme throat
i made a sack and call me the goat
im overdoing not doing the most
talk if gillette me im cutting ya throat
ostracized but prophecized a lot demise
i crossed my eyes and dot my t’s way back when i spit the v’s said i’ll talk about it later but that was just a prophecy
innocent face but you know i’ma k!ller
stayed with the glove no payton or thriller
stayed with the real i kept getting realer
played with bananas the market g~ f~ck that
i could say gorilla but i can’t be basic
c lost a load i and had to replace it
long way from parkside with phil in the bas~m~nt
drank all the lean i couldn’t just waste it
came from the bottom the cement and pavement
knew it was coming a n~gga could taste it
pockets was empty no ducats or bennys
eyes on the prize persistent and chasing
lonely as death boy this sickness is dire
switch up the journey i got it rewired
ain’t seen my b~tch since her visa expired
facetime me late but a n~gga be tired
oh sh~t hit me in the morning
do not disturb when a n~gga be touring
pass it to liam he screen all my calls
mama and papa and pastor and all
don’t need the word now i need the drawers
i hit it raw i hit it raw
f~ck i do that for i need the lawd
son and the spirit and father and all
boss boy you can’t spit to me
beat a couple for you get to me
consigliere then consigliere
then liaison for it ghit to me
i hit you back when i feel like it
fake tits but i still like it
fake ass it don’t feel like it
sucking d~ck but she still dyking
back on my bullsh~t
i’m freestyling with a full clip
not a pharycyde but the full lip
when i pop out its a full drip
whew thats a pool pit
im back home on some cool sh~t
god flow from the west side
its the china man with some new sh~t
huh hugh god
god flow jones niigga

it’s the chinaman with some new drip n~gga

- เนื้อเพลง hugh lee