เนื้อเพลง hopsin feat. tech n9ne – rip your heart out (feat. tech n9ne)


well, now that you’ve all prepared yourselves for the madness
i present to you… hopsin and tech n9ne!

see i be bangin on n-gg-s with rapping voodoo, no slack for you fools
if you ain’t getting the message i’ll slap it through you
my -ss is coo coo, cracks is brutal, that’s the usual
sh-t that we do in panorama city
no time for no b-tches acting to sadity
my n-gg-s is rugged really they kinda gritty, for really
explosive, you know this, come get your daily dosage
i spit that funky sh-t, can you send a medic for my halitosis?
the flow is as solid as diamonds
n-gg-s should know they cannot corrode this
so motherf-cker bow down as if you’re tryin to suck on your own d-ck
keep nicki tight and then watch my -ss stretch
you’ll feel the wrath if ever you f-gs test
you’re just a sperm cell that climbed up out of your dads r-ct-m
motherf-cker i got b-lls like i’m ash ketchum
i really can’t imagine not spazzing on a track this savage
i snap then i’m a little fanatic
so -rg-sm cause they witnessin madness n-gg-
this that twenty one three cl-ssic n-gg-
talking that sh-t get yo -ss whooped n-gg-
d-mn it that n-gg- hopsin he be killing sh-t
if i see him i’mma blast that n-gg-

we the coldest, flow hypnosis
so explosive, yo b-tch knows it

you d-mn right
i’ll rip your mothaf-ckin’ heart out
day and night
i’ll rip your mothaf-ckin’ heart out
you d-mn right
n-gg- i’ll rip your mothaf-ckin’ heart out
day and night
i’ll rip your mothaf-ckin’ heart out

loaded with the bomb i got, if you step to me
gonna be the one inside my trajectory
n-gg- better run and hide, i kill excessively
that’s my recipe, till the death of me
you don’t wanna be the reason i’mma lose it
anybody wanna bite, ya better cool it
imma chop a top when i come cruisin’, too bit
slightly chop and i can prove it, stupid
imma break ’em all down, tecca nina sick and censor all clowns
egar to f it up, leaving the area
evil i eat ’em up, f-ckin’ yall sounds
smother ya, when i pop at people they discover the
killer stoppin’ evil, what the f-ck is ya
trippin off of get to lickin’ my governor
n-gg-, they callin’ me bane like saddam hussein
ain’t that a b-tch, cause me and hop only thing
is taking the world like pinky and the brain
imma give you the gun and you’ll never leave here when the trigger is summoned
i see you sucka shakin, shiverin, running
“the n-gg-s are coming, the n-gg-s are coming!”
better tell them all that they don’t the nina h-ll to fall
ya low life, soon your gonna be no life, doom
gonna go night, dune, gonna pick yo right tomb
i know it’s irking you n-gg-s you watching me rip and then i blow like boom!

let me get the baton back, i’mma bomb rap
lookin oh so malicious with contacts
n-gg- staring like “d-mn where yo mind at?”
this ain’t no pro level sh-t, it’s beyond that
loaded up and i’m ready for combat
standing out like i’m khalifa’s blonde patch
when i come at you, i’m vicious artillery
you wouldn’t want it, like tamika’s contract
i k.o. n-gg-s, i’m sorry
finna throw them in a white trash rv
finna wake up with a blade stuck in a rib, yelling:
“oh my goodness yo where are we?
hopsin this sh-t is too gnarly!
why would you wanna go harm me?
i thought we was homies
now you wanna go and turn me into shrimp on the barbie!”
(fatality) b-tches i am rap, every verse is fire
i lay my sh-t down like fertilizer
a murderous words supplier, merking you is my first desire
if you got a problem with me you can suck on my d-ck ’til it squirts saliva
the whole planet been waiting to get a serial killer symphony
comin’ from the volume and strange
get in the way of a killer, try to deliver
you gonna end up in a trap, bullets all in your brains
mc’s wanna take the bar down
i f-cked the game and won’t even pick your card out
b-tch i’m far out, hopsin and tecca nina taking over
we gon’ rip your heart out

- เนื้อเพลง hopsin feat tech n9ne