เนื้อเพลง honey cocaine – bring it all to me


bring it all, bring it all
honey cocaine, (bring it all
bring it all) 416, (bring it all
bring it all,) it’s that 90’s
gold baby. (bring it all bring it all)

[verse 1]
there you are, looking at me looking at you
got me fine as f-ck i’m watching all the things
that you do, see here i am and this is not the sh-t
i’m used to but do you have plans i’m going
to the crib watch you come thru, ha-ha

oh baby, bring it all to me (bring it all, bring it all)
cause i’m feeling low and a b-tch like me didn’t smoke
for weeks ha- ha, aye oh baby just be down for me
(uh uh) i don’t want sh-t your love and time is all
i need (uh uh)

[verse 2]
so are you gone ride, i just want to see
if the sh-t grows baby it’s my town
i’m the queen of the city that’s
t.o i ain’t tryna play they
got a b-tch working all day
but what you doing tonight
imma bring the juice what do you say ha-ha

[repeat chorus]

make it dark turn the lights off
i just gotta love you right now
and i don’t know if it’s wrong to
but i can’t help it boy i’m all on you
so give me yours you can take mine
i was supposed to go but i’ll make
time now come show me what
that sh-t do cause there might not be a next time with you (lets do it)

[repeat chorus]

- เนื้อเพลง honey cocaine