เนื้อเพลง headshot – quest for the sun


abandoned and ejected
downfall of the brave
frozen down to zero
broken, laid to waste
searching for a saviour
driven by desire

aiming at absolution
in the cleansing of the fire

beneath a crimson sky
we walk on and on
into a raging fire

blinded by temptation
misguided, led astray
the shining of the embers
keeps us on our way
burning from the heat wave
peeling of the skin

boiling stream of lava
erasing all our sins

we’re marching on
still marching strong
quest for the sun

under a violet moon
we stumble and crawl
into the coming dawn
we never shall fall

restless on the last steps
our journey soon be done
joining the inferno
at one with the sun

- เนื้อเพลง headshot