เนื้อเพลง hammercult – metal rules tonight


f-ck yeah!

have a beer to k!ll the pain
bang your head, bash your brains
brothers shout the ancient call
“we’re f-cked up on alcohol!!”

i’m so wasted i can’t stand
grab a pussy, get some head
speakers blasting through the hall
master of puppets and b-lls to the wall!!

it’s our termination!!
join our revelation!!
we are the metal nation!!
this is intoxication!!

this is the sound of rebellion
forged in the fires of h-ll
stronger than faith and religion
f-ck ’em all

metal rules tonight
metal rules tonight!
metal rules!

all for one and one for all
wimps and posers leave the hall
a shot of whiskey, one more beer
wine is for posers, emos and queers!!

drawn into the fire
burn in flames of l-st

bang your head in full conviction!
raise your fists and show the horns!
no remorse or lamentation!
play it loud or die!

metal rules tonight!
metal rules tonight
metal rules!

trends will come and fade away
heavy metal is here to stay
we are d-mned but we are free
it’s our way of life, the way it should be!!


- เนื้อเพลง hammercult