เนื้อเพลง gretchen wilson – homewrecker


well you’re a real hot cookie with a new hairdo
your high heel boots and your credit card
long legs and a mini skirt
yeah you know what works and you work it hard
you smile like such a lady innocent and sweet
you drive the men folk crazy,
but any girl can see
you’re just a


i know what you’re doin’
you think you’re gonna ruin what i got, but you’re not
yeah you little go getter
i’ll teach you a lesson
if you get to messin’ with my man
you don’t stand a chance
no, you’re just a homewrecker

i’m sure you waited for a long, long time
to find a man like mine
but honey you’re too late
so before you go and make your move
maybe me and you should get a few things straight
there’s two ways we can do this
i’ll let you decide
you can take it somewhere else or we can take it outside you little

[repeat chorus]

now honey i’m a christian, but if you keep it up
i’m gonna go to kickin’ your pretty little b-tt
is that clear enough yeah, you little

[repeat chorus]

- เนื้อเพลง gretchen wilson