เนื้อเพลง gorilla zoe – baddest bitch


“baddest b-tch”

this a public service announcement
for bad b-tches only
so if you a bad b-tch
it’s time for you to hit the floor (ayyy)
let’s go

see i was chillin’ in the club
me and my n-gg-s
smokin’ on bud
drinkin’ on liquor like ooh ooh ooh
when i saw you (you you you)
well you was chillin’ with your girls
doin’ your thang
the way you broke it down
made me wanna rain on you (you you)
you know how i do (do do do)

and you know
fo sho
you the baddest
that -ss is the fattest
make me wanna blow
my dough
on you just to be my boo

cause girl you the baddest b-tch in here
you might be the baddest b-tch this year
you know you the baddest b-tch i’ve seen
if they hatin’ let em hate
b-tch do your thang
cause they wanna be you (you you)
got em hatin’ on you (you you)
cause they wanna be you (you you)
got em hatin’ on you
all the hoes in the club all wanna be you

cause you the sh-t girl
got that mac lip gloss on your lips girl
so thick how you make them jeans fit girl
she threw her hands in the air made it dip woah
like oh girl we like yea
did you see that girl right there
from her shoes up to her hair
she’s the baddest b-tch in here



and she the flyest chick that i’ve ever seen (yup)
favorite color gator heels fitted cap and jeans (d-mn)
louie shades solitaire earrings
jimmy choo purse cost money bout fifteen(what) hundred
she must got big dreams (where)
diamonds all on her belly ring (stop lyin’)
her swagger is talkin’ and it’s tellin’ me
she all about her cheddar cheese and don’t care bout that jealousy (oooh)
she roll to the melody
shorty twenty-three movin’ like she’s seventeen
yea (yea)
i swear (i swear)
she the baddest b-tch in here (in here)



i know why (why)
they wanna be you
cause you dress so fly
they wanna be you
cause you look so bad
they wanna be you

- เนื้อเพลง gorilla zoe