เนื้อเพลง goodbye blue skies – panic induces injuries and casualties


this story is so f-cked and old

(we hate to watch them fall one by one
standing there so stiff
staring in with shock
we forgot how to care
take our hopes give us fear)

living a life with patience
like the sun
people stand in amazement
to see what we’ve become
so why all the long faces
just stand up and run
and judging by all the changes
it’s time for you to run

but not before you learn about pain
a force that weakens all your bones
now watch the bottom you said to reach
this sh-t f-cking wears you out

listen to them, tattooed and a part of me
running around in my dreams
you can’t do this to me

look how they watch the waves
crashing, into the sand
look how they watch the waves
their final wish is won

we all step to each side
and stick to our sh-lls
if we pretend
well be broken
climb to another peak
all set to jump at three
in other words we are
desperate and hopeless
for the ones who asked to speak
about their faith
all of them would feel better and be alright
or become part of this tragedy
use of heart and then prevent all the mouring

with all this
my permission
the tides will wear you out
figure this out
while being forgotten
by the side of the road

now there’s a fire in my lungs
they should breath fine inside of me
confused by all of them i love
now judge me by this with your grace

look how they walked away
chasing a dream for the day
look how they walked away
into another day

- เนื้อเพลง goodbye blue skies