เนื้อเพลง french montana – oooh baby


la leakers, my homies
dj sour milk
just incredible

late in the midnight hour
when you really feel
like you need a little love
and the man ain’t nowhere around
and i can get to you sometimes

early in the morning
early in the morning
if you need someone to hold on to
when the man ain’t nowhere around
and i can get to you sometimes

and what i gets to you most of all
is when the holidays roll around
you got always to be by yourself
cause that’s the time when the families get back together
all the in laws come to visit
in laws, in laws
there are reasons
but i ain’t worried about it

ooh, baby
from the bottom is where i see the top
then i stay and make friends that need to drop
ride along and buy alone something
real estates, 30 squares and the…
find god anyway
bigger mace
blacks and eyes, grab a lot
lifetime picture
i hope the size fits you
i guess it ain’t enough
you wanna lay a life
i do it too easy
deep ground
meditation, from the gathering, no education

with a girl like you i could hit the town
c-ke boys been to my… and drive
ain’t no mercy for the weak, if you need a cure
this is pure
wazy wait before it hits the sh-r-
raise the peace, moment of silence
there was you, there was you
there was me, there was me
money and power

- เนื้อเพลง french montana