เนื้อเพลง former lovechild – back to lenkhenctago


[verse 1]
i’ve gotta go back there
to my home
the place where i’m dreaming
is my throne
sick of the markets
of the worldly wise
i see the evil
in their eyes
in dreams i see cities
and forests high
and castles of clouds, yeah
that beckon nigh

call for the elvin archers
all of those great mighty men –
they shall bring me back to where i wanna go
gold-capped turrets waiting
gleaming in the setting sun
i will be there surely when the morning comes
oh lenkhenctago

[verse 2]
i long to abandon
this foolish game
these lives spent on earth
are all the same
i’m going to recapture
the ecstasy
we had for awhile
when we were free
there is no attaining
to visions rare
without ascertaining
the beauty we all share

summon the griffins hundred
they all with resplendent wings –
they shall carry me to where i wanna go
softly steals the moonlight
all upon this earthly realm
i shall be there shortly where i wanna go
oh lenkhenctago

[repeat verse 1]

- เนื้อเพลง former lovechild