เนื้อเพลง flipper – get away (live)


i was talking to larry
the scene was really hairy
we were sitting in the dark
what you can’t see you don’t know
he said this town is getting kinda scary
pretty soon now comes the big fall
he said he’s gotta get away
now go, larry, get away

i just saw suzie
by coincidence
i thought she looked really healthy
she said she’s feeling kinda queasy
she said she hasn’t been very lucky
she said everything is coming all unstuck
she said her life is all fucked up
she said she’s gotta get away
now go, suzie, get away

i talked to mitchell
got a call from him in jail
he asked if i could post his bail
busted and strung out, he said he’s feeling sick
really sick
he said he’s gotta get away
now go, mitchell, get away
go, go, get away

[sounds of animals in distress]
cat, turn it up
that’s the end of the tape! sorry!
end of the tape! show’s over!
show’s over, bye!
[band members bellowing]

- เนื้อเพลง flipper