เนื้อเพลง fat trel – gwop


wooh! wooh! wooh!

let’s say all the pills i’ve popped
all the p-ssy i’ve popped
rocks and the watch i copped
shop with a ?
rolls and rocks in my socks
? in a knot

bust one shot, don’t stop
f-ck minimum wage, we about gettin paid
? stay in your face
? landing fresh of the plane
bricks in my ?
? your b-tch know my name

? hot but her c-m cool
? i’m on ?
never f-ck with f-cked dudes, i’m untouchable
a lot of tools, boy, the water like a sauna pool
i’m a cool fool ?
f-ck the school, i told the teacher:
“b-tch, look at my shoes!”
? he’s a funny dude
i got p-ssy, i got power, i got money too
so what you know ?
? solo dolo flow
oops! let my tooly go
meech, go get ?
glock poppin like crisco

still f-ck em hoes like every night
stripper p-ssy is what i like
piece of rock with the ?
jumbo rock with the light ice
my -ss fat and my pockets fat
we ride low
no fix the flat


? in your face
b-tch in my ? wrists like cocaine

i say..

- เนื้อเพลง fat trel