เนื้อเพลง extreme violence – ecstasy in pain


hang the b-tch, very tight
so tight that she can’t scream
pull out the knife and do the work
the one that you adore
praise right now your inner beast
kill her with your way
stick your knife in her stomach
pull out what you find, out here
guts now remain, find ecstasy in pain
flesh is your need now, you find it somehow
deranged when you kill, you think it is thrill
victims all you want
and they’re what you haven’t
devours all her meat
this savage brutal being
feels uncompletely now
how will he escape? how?
eats now her debris, sucks all her blood
this dead body is desirable
for your hungry sweet desire
bl–dy chunks are now his food
another one victim lies dead
he can’t decide what to do
the legs and arms and chests
thinks about a little while
and simply cuts her in two
she didn’t have a chance to live
found in the river with a knife stuck in her head
entrails ripped from the crotch, a cruel, vile scene
dirty, eaten and rotten, left unburied, brutalized
his hunger’s getting so bigger
still searches for so long
he takes all what remained
and throws it in a river
he feel so much pleased
he satisfied another need

- เนื้อเพลง extreme violence