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เนื้อเพลง erick sermon – set it off


set it off

this goes out to my peoples in queens. representing, brooklyn, uptown.
yeah, yeah boogie down bronx, staten island, all the way to new jersy.
tri state area. long island

[verse 1:]
ha ha, welcome radio land and others, my underground brothers is mad deep
like gutters
i bring it no matter what the situation, underwater, through fire
across barded wire, what? i’m quick to change faces without r. kelly
when you step on me you best be ready. i heats it up like house kitchen
when i’m b-tchin’ with this redition, chill or you might catch an -ss whippin’
there’s something wrong ha, i can’t go on, and commence
tear the frame out an mc’s -ss with the quickness, no forgiveness
this is the way e does buisness, one touch and i’ll weaken the average came to be rap star
by far by far, my entourage is sugar hill like wesly snipes
def squad is the main attraction for y’all everynight

“i came through the door” – [rakim]
and i set it off [x4]

[verse 2:]
dun da da, the e double brings it full steam
eyes are green, yeah, taken sucker n-gg-s for they cream
i rock the mic, alright, with intentions to please and decapitate all gimmick mc’s
yeah, i come action packed like a flick, and dismantle those duck mc’s that can’t handle
my sound goes through my musical speakers, beeotch, and flash a symbol like the grym reaper
to signify, gamma ray i display on wax is ridiculous, way out likt the crew on star trek
yeah, i keep my style black like panthers, with women more fat than samathas
d-mn, this don’t make no f in’ sense, for me to be on top bigger than monuments
a star ghost super nova turns into a black hole
that got put into your soul

[hook x4]

[verse 3:]
for those that envy me and say i ain’t about nothing and everthing you see my names on something
flawless, outlandish, unique complete, off the wall technique i develop without speech (woah)
on bended knee i could damage an mc, thourgholy
yeah, yeah take him for his currency, remarkable, the black superman in the sky
flying through the air with green eyes

[hook x4]

[keith murray talking outro:]
yeah, yeah yeah, watch your back black. don’t even step up, word is born.
l.o.d. is in here too you know what i’m sayin’?
def squad for life, ppp taking it everywhere, midwest, mideast, southwest, southwest, north, south,
east, west, northwest, northwest, south, north, south, everywhere i sets it off.
you know what i’m saying?
paintin the boards, rippin’ the mic, rippin’ n-gg-s anything you like word up set it of e d. keith murray in this piece.

- เนื้อเพลง erick sermon