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เนื้อเพลง edwin mccain – through the floor


bathed in sunlight woke from dreams of murderous intention
pursued by dogs and men and things i’m just too scared to mention
and the first thing that i think of are her sympathetic eyes
that see with only positive emotion
and she talks of being grumpy, but i know that grumpy’s not her style
and i soak up all her beauty ’cause i’m only here awhile
and i muddle through my docket, nestle in the pocket
just sit back and think about the world
and the only thing i see when she’s looking back at me
is the promise of how life could be
and as i wrote my chest got tight for her
i know that i’m not right for her and i couldn’t live if i ever caused
her pain
but at least i have a message that i can leave that tells her of this
spin inside
my gears turning, i’m still learning to trust myself
but at least i’ve told her of this difficult good-bye
seven minutes before i’m leaving and now my chest is heaving
i just can’t go like i did before
and tomorrow i’ll be miles away and dreaming
that she hears my voice floating through the floor

- เนื้อเพลง edwin mccain