เนื้อเพลง earl sweatshirt – earl



yo, i’m a hot and bothered astronaut crashin’ while
jackin’ off to bufferin’ vids of asher roth eatin’ apple sauce
sent to earth to poke catholics in the -ss with saws
and knock blunt ashes into their caskets and laugh it off
twisted sicker than mad cattle, in fact i’m off
six different liquors with a prince wig plastered on
stop screamin’, b-tch: you shouldn’t be that alarmed
when big lips is in the attic armed with an addict’s arm
earl puts the “-ss” in “-ss-ssin”
puts the pieces of decomposin’ bodies in plastic
puts ’em in a pan and mixes it up with scat
then gobbles it like fat black b-tches and catfish
it so happens that i’m so haphazardous
i’ll puke a piece and put it on a hook and f-ckin’ cast the sh-t
i’m askin’ that you f-ggot rap actors take action
and get a hall p-ss for this cl-ss-act sh-t
how the f-ck i fit an axe in a satchel?
slip capsules in a gl-ss, you dizzy rascal
party staff baffled, askin’ where her -ss go
in my room, redefinin’ the meanin’ of black holes
go on, suck it up; but hurry, i got nuts to bust
and b-tts to f-ck and ups to shut and sl-ts to f-ckin’ uppercut
it’s of b-ttercup: go ahead, f-ck with us
without a doubt, a sure-fire way to get your mother f-cked
ask her for a couple bucks, shove a trumpet up her b-tt
play a song, invade a thong, my d-ck is havin’ guts for lunch
as well as supper; then i’ll rummage through her ruptured c-nt
found the mustard, f-ckin’ nosey neighbors notice somethings up
“what you doin’?” nothin’ much, squish out some other stuff
gotta f-ckin’ bounce, guess the bouncer’s had enough of us

[verse 2]
get up off the pavement, wipe the dirt and vomit off
dopeboyz hatin’ but them f-ggots is a lotta talk
cotton soft p-ssy them odd n-gg-s is molotov
c-cktails, f-ckin’ toss one in your apartment dog
wolf gang we ain’t barkin’, nah
try talkin’ on a blog with your f-ckin’ arms cut off
put in a carpet and watch it get auctioned off
the ace tell shake’s daughter “we’re sorry, but papa’s gone… b-tch”

- เนื้อเพลง earl sweatshirt