เนื้อเพลง dukdolan – gloomy (mood)


[produced by madlib]

[intro: sample]
i hear you in the background
whenever i phone
tellin’ your brother
to say you’re gone

you’ve been trippin’ around, uptown
wooin’ some fancy clown

[verse 1: dukdolan]
lovesick frowned when i last heard the sound
feeling absurdly down, look at the grave mound
don’t wanna be around
on earth but bound to heaven
haven’t felt like this since i was ‘leven
livin’, not anymore, now i’m striving for winning
i’ve got a ghostly chill around, feel k!lled but still trill
kingpin in a min. despite my past with tears on chin
mourn on my kin, till it’s fin
call me white trash but i’ve never seen the garbage bin
looking in the mirror, see my twin
darkness and i’m falling again
sharpest is the memory of grandma not around
and my dog in the ground; not put down
dirt on their bodies, bagpipes playing their sounds

you’ve been trippin’ around, uptown
wooin’ some fancy clown

[verse 2: dukdolan]
never had a real valentine
if i drink, i’ll have a gallon wine
i hope i have talent in time
brain dirty like it’s found in grime
heart hurting overtime
only satisfied dying with hands over mine
right now feel like gloucester’s dover climb
they heard i’m hurt, wake up in the dirt
dreaming dreaming, now at home listening to earl sweatshirt
time damaging my ties like a worn suit
haven’t talked to real friends like i’m mute
self loathing hit me like a boot
times lookin’ gloomy like my mood be
times like this make me wanna grab the boof
all dogs go to heaven, past the woof
body language stooped, never stopped, i’m aloof
we’re all melting ice-cream, same shape different scoop
must be metaphysical how it looks
you’d know what i mean if you wouldn’t play the rook
nothings straightforward like in the books
you’ve got to come up with stuff on your own like the cooks
enough of my sh-t, z.z. with the hook… (yeah)

you’ve been trippin’ around, uptown
wooin’ some fancy clown

- เนื้อเพลง dukdolan