เนื้อเพลง disciple – revolution: now


“revolution: now”

[verse 1]
can you feel it?
our anthem is rising [revelation 15:3-4]
the voices are screaming
the minds are awakening [2 corinthians 3:14-16]

and our march is shaking the ground
and now we’re running to tear these idols down [isaiah 2:8-18]
send the flares, revolution’s coming now [revelation 19:11-16]

the tide has broken out
flooding till they all fall down [1 corinthians 15:25]
revolution’s coming now
the blood spilled on the ground
will cry until they all fall down [genesis 4:10]
revolution’s coming now

[verse 2]
and now the children take up their arms
and lead us in the charge of enlightenment [mark 10:15]
a m-ss exodus of fear leaving hearts [1 john 4:18]
to the place where we will tear these idols down
send the flares, revolution’s coming now

- เนื้อเพลง disciple