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เนื้อเพลง dimmu borgir – burn in hell words d. snider


welcome to the abandoned land
come on in, child; take my hand
here there’s no work or play
only one bill to pay
there’s just five words to say
as you go down, down, down

you’re gonna burn in h-ll
oh, burn in h-ll

you can’t believe all the things i’ve done wrong in my life
without even trying i’ve lived on the edge of a knife
well, i’ve played with fire, but i don’t want to get myself burned
to thine own self be true, so i think that it’s time for a turn

before i burn in h-ll
oh, burn in h-ll

hear no evil, don’t you
see no evil, don’t you
lay no evil down on me
you’re gonna burn in h-ll
speak no evil, don’t you
think no evil, don’t you
play with evil, ’cause i’m free

take a good look in your heart; tell me what do you see?
it’s black and it’s dark, now is that how you want it to be?
it’s up to you; what you do will decide your own fate
make your choice now for tomorrow may be far too late

(repeat second chorus)

and then you’ll burn in h-ll

(repeat chorus/fade)

- เนื้อเพลง dimmu borgir